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Ramona Nichols Smith NP

Nurse Practitioner, Energy Healer and Author

NP, MSN, RN    

Celtic Aromatherapy Necklace $20

For $20 you can wear your favorite essential oil right on your neck!

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Aromatherapy Diffusers have never been so exquisite.

Enjoy essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy by wearing your aromatherapy diffuser around your neck. Without having to plug in or open your diffuser to enjoy essential oils these pendants release essential oils wherever you are.

This Celtic Cross Scent Chamber which opens to expose a pad for dousing with essential oil is a design that is practical for men and women.

Hang your aromatherapy diffuser around your neck and let good 'scents' do their magic.

Aromawear Fine Aromatherapy Jewelery

If you love your essential oils like I do, here is a graceful way to have your favorite oil near you at all times! Click on the link below to see the wonderful jewelery designs of Cathy Gins at Aromawear.

                                                                       click below to enter the site

        Royal Locket Secret Locket Royal Key Chain Royal Bracelet

Royal Locket

Secret Locket

Royal Key Chain

Royal Bracelet

                                                                           Card Case

The Finest Quality…Guaranteed

Aromawear is made of the finest materials by the most accomplished craftsmen (many having worked for Tiffany, Cartier, and The Franklin Mint, to name a few).

Each jewelry piece is made of precious materials: sterling silver layered with 18karat gold or rhodium for its beauty and tarnish resistant properties. All jewelry is packaged in our custom designed pouches and gift boxes. The accessories, some in classic base metals, are also plated with a special tarnish resistant gold and silver finish and come in gift packaging of their own. I promise you that should you receive an Aromawear piece that does not meet your expectations, you may return it for a full refund.

Take control

Feeling out of control? Living in today’s world of multi-tasking and information overload, it's no wonder we often find ourselves overwhelmed and stressed.

Take control with Aromawear! Feel calm and relaxed, or uplifted and energized. Feel sexy and romantic or just get those hormones in balance. Manage the symptoms of a cold or avoiding getting one. With over 300 natural essential oils and countless fabulous blends available today, choose the one that will deliver the benefits you need.

So easy to use… just place a fresh wick (included) into your Aromawear locket and apply a few drops of your selected oil. Simply close the door and breathe in the benefits.

Life can change in seconds, and so can your Aromawear. Designed for easy access and cleaning, you can change your wicks and oils anytime and any place.

 Treat yourself to beautiful jewelery while soothing your soul with essential oils!

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