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Ramona Nichols Smith NP

Nurse Practitioner, Energy Healer and Author


See "Intestinal Parasites?" under the Body tab above. If think this applies to you, consider Humaworm treatment.

Humaworm treatment for parasites is cost effective at $39.95 for #120 capsules for a full 30 day treatment. I highly recommend completion of the full 30 days to kill off the life cycle of the parasites. Each time after travel to Boliva and El Salvador I paid up to $200 for parasite treatments. By far, the humaworm is the most gentle and EFFECTIVE treatment available.

Many of the parasites are not visible to eye, but when the parasites "die off" you may have symptoms of the detox such as rashes which will be replaced by more energy and sense of wellness.

Below is the link to the Humaworm website.


This is the link to the formula specifically


My own experience was amazing, I saw improvement in my skin and my asthma symptoms.

One of my clients has diarrhea for 3 months and his doctors could not find out why. His colonoscopy was normal and routine stool and blood testing did not reveal any parasite. Yet, three days after starting the Humaworm treatment, his diarrhea improved. We believe his work related exposure (landscaping and working in soil) led to microscopic parasitic infection which was not detected in the labs.

Another client was ill for several years with fatigue and abdominal pain. She was told to take an antacid and see a therapist. Within 10 days of the Humaworm treatment she called and said she felt the best she had been in years.

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