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Ramona Nichols Smith NP

Nurse Practitioner, Energy Healer and Author

NP, MSN, RN    

Tiffany Peterson

Handout for Tiffany's Video

Mona Smith Personal Development 30 day Challenge! 8/3/2015

“No matter what is happening in our lives, we choose how we wish to think about it. We have the power to believe that something else is possible, that things can change, that a miracle can happen.” ~Marianne Williamson The Law of Divine Compensation

“Your self worth will equal your net worth.” ~Jim Rohn Tiffany Peterson


Physical Health: ___________

Think about your physical well-being, your sleep quality, your energy level, where are you on a scale of 1-10?

Spiritual Health:__________

Think about your purpose, your passion, your connection to your higher power-God or Source, Universe, feeling alive and grateful, peacefulness, joy, that your life has purpose and power? Where are you in your spiritual connectivity to yourself and life on a scale of 1-10?

Mental Fulfillment: _________

Think about feeling like you are reading good books, or learning, or growing, that you feel excited about life and projects, that there is time to read and nurture your brain. How comfortable, happy and progressive do you feel? Where are you on a scale of 1-10?

It is like the goose and the golden egg. “I want more golden eggs. I want bigger and shinier golden eggs.” If that is true, then you must take care of the goose. Sometimes we get it backwards and we push, push, push, ourselves hard and to exhaustion....

Then it catches up with us.

Morning Ritual

Also known as the SACRED TEN. It is about creating a habit, not about the amount of time.

(10-30 minutes). It is about quality, not quantity.

Part 1 Spiritual Connection: this can be prayer, meditation, reading, journalling or gratitude listing.

Part 2 Mental Connection: looking at your vision board and afformations, visualizing your success, reviewing your goals, visualize the people you want to attract, read a great book, stimulate your brain.

Part 3 Physical Connection: a few yoga poses, stretches, sits ups, push ups, walk in the neighborhood, move your body.

Start here and not with your cell phone, email, Facebook, computer. (Parents may have to get up a little before the children need parenting.) Own your life first. You are worth the investment.

Mona Smith Personal Development 30 day Challenge! 8/3/2015

Evening Ritual Inventory:

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being high and 1 being low: Do you have a regular, consistent evening ritual of how you transition your brain into going to bed or going to sleep? _________

With the same scale, how do you rate your current quality of sleep? Do you find yourself with lots of thoughts and struggle to turn of the brain chatter? Does your day complete peacefully or in a hectic manner? ___________

What time is my technology being turned off?_____ Is it in your bed? Decide a good time to disconnect before bed. Is that an hour? Is it 20 minutes? ___________

That is how much time you can do a conscious evening ritual. Think of it as tucking yourself in, in a really gentle way so that you can show up more fully present, passionate and alive with the people and projects that matter to you most.

Night before planning: Outline your number one priorities for the next day, personal and business. Then list the different tasks or people you need to call or follow up with. Some people keep a pen and notebook next to the bed for when ideas or inspirations come. Image when you wake up and your already have a game plan. Your subconscious will work out the details while you sleep.

Consider what would be a restful 30 minute activity for you. You have done your planning, now there is space to make a self care deposit. It can be reading, light a candle, meditate, have a cup of tea, take a warm bath, write a gratitude list, use essential oils. The way you put your brain to rest has everything to do with your sleep quality.

Mirror Exercise

And last, do the Mirror Exercise. Make eye contact with yourself in a mirror. It can be in a bathroom or a car rear view mirror. We are encouraged to be private. There are Three parts.

Part 1 Acknowledge Yourself: State out loud your wins and victories of the day such as: “I am proud of you for sending that kind email to your brother.”

“I am proud of you for keeping your composure.”

Give yourself praise and recognition. Acknowledge the little things and bigs things both .

Part 2 Afformations: Afformations are our chosen beliefs. “I am enough”

“I am worthy and deservicng”

“I forgive you.”

“I allow myself to receive.”

Part 3 Look into your eyes and tell your self you love yourself

Simply “I love you.”

Powerful exercise. You may have tears. This daily routine can be life changing. Many hire Tiffany to help with sales, she starts with taking time to teach how to heal and take time for yourself. It tells you that you are valuable. 30 day challenge! Do it! 

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